For a thousand years, the major powers of the Northern Continent – the merchant city-state of Sovath, the magical gray elven citadel of Din Couth’ara and the evil empire of Trant – have maintained a balance watched over by the great Dragons. But now, the undead King of Trant hungers for power – the power of the Dragon Orbs, and thereby, the power of the great Dragons themselves!

Into this world of peril step our unlikely heroes: a back-country serving girl, the son of a local sheriff, a trainee of the Inquisitor Knights, and a cocky, immature gray elf boy.

Will our heroes be able to reclaim the Dragon Orbs before the time for the Renewal Ceremony passes, or will the forces arrayed against them by the King of Trant and his allies prove too strong?

Only one way to find out…

Cothae - The Trantic War